New blog same bargains!

I know my catchy phrases and play on words can be a little annoying, but I can’t help myself! I love word play just as much as I love poppin’ tags. I’ve moved my posts to this personal blog that gives me more connections, features, and a shorter URL so that I can get my name out there and help people save money! I’m going to try to transfer my posts from the website below, but my Instagram is still the same @thriftyandthriving so stay connected with the latest sales, deals, and thrift/consignment shops! Previous page:



Time to lighten up!

Finishing up some spring cleaning with a new lamp from Kmart for only $17.99!! The lower reading lamp is flexible and perfect for shedding light in any direction as needed! The style of the lamp is also slim and convenient for any size room no matter how cluttered. Lighten up this summer!

It’s that time of the year!

Okay so I feel like such a nerd for posting this but it’s that time of year again! Time to get new planners and calendars! And maybe for some of you, getting organized is your New Year’s resolution! Planners can be so expensive. I originally bought a work appointment planner at Staples for $35! I decided to return it and see if Target had anything cheaper that still fit my needs. I ended up finding this really nice appointment monthly and weekly planner for only $9.99! It’s definitely better quality than the Staples one, making it super easy to stay organized and on top of things. Moral of this post: don’t settle for something that you know is overpriced. Stay organized for less this year!

The “Art” of Saving

Who said romantic dates need to be expensive?! On the first Sunday of every month from 10-5pm, you can visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art and “pay what you wish!” Perfect for a lovely date in the city or a trip with friends and family, especially those visiting the beautiful city of brotherly love. And how wonderful during the holiday season!

Lost and Found

Another deal @kohls I just needed to post! I recently lost a ring that looked similar to this and it was my favorite thrift shop purchase from @platosclosetextonpa So glad to have found this tonight for only $4.80 and originally $24.00. That’s 80% OFF!! Goodnight and be safe if you’re going out tomorrow for Black Friday. I hope you all enjoyed my Kohl’s purchases as much as I did! Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

Make a statement this winter!

SimplyVera by Vera Wang’s line at Kohl’s is simply stunning! Originally priced at $44.00, this beautiful statement necklace was 70% off for $13.20 and I just love this look! With all my recent Kohl’s purchases, you would think I worked for them~

Adorable Arm Candy

I’m not really a fan of Black Friday, but I am definitely a fan of Kohl’s! Simple and cute watch originally priced at $24.99 and marked down to $9.99 and I also had some Kohl’s coupons! I just couldn’t resist this adorable arm candy.

Make it a Kohl’s Christmas!

After $30 in Kohl’s Cash and a $10 coupon, these boots already marked down to $39.99 were FREE! Kohl’s offers so many discounts and with a Kohl’s charge card, you can even earn Kohl’s Cash, which basically works as a gift card. Free is for me!

Good times at Goodwill!

Had some good times at Goodwill this weekend with @rcm0531 Warm winter sweaters marked at $4.50 each and cute tops for $3.50 each!! I also got a pair of earrings for $1.97 making the total only… $33.09!! Including brands like JCrew and Adidas! Check out Montgomeryville, PA’s Goodwill. You won’t be disappointed!